The Company

Aïtal was founded in 2004 by the Franco-Finnish duo Victor Cathala and Kati Pikkarainen .

Victor & Kati wanted to work together and develop their discipline around acrobatic carries, especially hand-to-hand work, and decided to create the Cirque Aïtal.

“Aïtal”, or “that´s how it is” in Occitan.
Like the easiness of things said simply, honestly and straightforwardly.
This is how Victor & Kati consider the world: with ease and confidence.
Through various encounters and numerous collaborations, these talented, skilled and demanding artists have developed a particular research, a real experimentation of body and circus moves, where language is literarily transformed by bodywork in its most authentic expression. The alchemy of these bodies alone tells enough of the fable and is a vector of feelings and intimacy.
Victor was once well on his way to a career in agriculture when he discovered horse-acrobatics, which led him to circus schools and Paris. Kati “fell into it” at the age of eight, while at a small circus school in Finland, close to Helsinki. In the need for physical practice, she didn´t hesitate and soon went to Paris. It was while training in Rosny that Victor & Kati met and specialized in hand-to-hand acrobatics. They both received the honours and accolades of the jury upon graduating from the CNAC (National Centre of Circus Arts in Châlons-en-Champagne) in December 2003.
In 2005, they obtained a silver medal at the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain (Cirque Bouglione, Paris) for their hand-to-hand duo Victor & Kati.

La Piste là is the first show of the Cirque Aïtal. Victor & Kati created it in 2007 with composer and musician Mathieu Levavasseur.  
In 2008, La Piste là grew into a four-artist show. Helmut Nünning, a clown and musician and Mathias Salmenaho, a juggler and carrier, joined the company for the occasion.
This show has been specifically conceived in the ring; it is performed under a circus tent. The 360-degree configuration of the audience around the center allows it to actively participate in immediate show fantasy and shared emotions.
This unprecedented and creative contact experienced in the show leads the founders of the Cirque Aïtal to buy a tent. This feature now forms a large part of the company’s identity.
La Piste là ran for 4 years and led to the creation of the second show of the Cirque Aïtal, Pour le meilleur et pour le pire, which was created in November 2011.
This show, performed under the Cirque Aïtal´s tent, on a circular dirt floor, provides the audience with unique and intimate emotions. Today, the show is going on and we hope this will be for long.

Victor & Kati are open to infinite experiences.
The life of the Cirque Aïtal gains from them and their diversity. They nourish Victor & Kati´s creativity and help them continuously develop their research, exploration and experimenting. Meeting new people is crucial: technician crews, playing partners and artistic collaborators all contribute to Victor & Kati´s creative process. ...
As such, Pour le Meilleur et pour le pire will lead Victor & Kati to a new creation, to other artists and musicians, other disciplines and circus practices, while always remaining open to new paths, to discovering and feeling what is good for them; good for the Cirque Aïtal.