Viktor & Kati

Victor Cathala, acrobat, carrier
He grew up practising high performance sports, but football and rugby were not enough for strong Victor.
Interested in farming, he opted for the agricultural high school, which led him to circus and horse-acrobatics. Rural Victor went to Rosny and the CNAC and met Kati: the alchemy of the strong and the thin one makes magic and beauty possible. Authentic and truthful, he works with Kati on the ferocity of reality.

Kati Pikkarainen, acrobat, horseback performer   
Kati “fell into circus” at the age of eight.
She studied at a circus school in Espoo in partnership with the Circus Grotesk of Saint Petersburg, and acquired excellent technical skills as well as the fantasy of letting go, corrosive humour and this inherent discrepancy that makes her timeless. The suburb school of Helsinki taught the talented and rigorous artist to be extremely demanding. As a child, she already participated in various shows across Europe and started her circus life early. She went to France at the age of 17, studied at the Rosny circus school, then at the CNAC where she met Victor: an encounter that would change and join them for long.  
They both received the honours and accolades of the jury upon graduating from the CNAC (National Centre of Circus Arts in Châlons en Champagne) in December 2003.

In 2004, they created the Cirque Aïtar and their hand-to-hand duo Victor & Kati, an efficient and shining show for which they obtained, in 2005, a silver medal at the 26th Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain (Cirque Bouglione, Paris). They made quite an impression and were invited to join important circuses. They opted for cabaret and refined their hand-to-hand duo in German Dutch rings, among others.
After a one-year tour showing LeCirqLe, directed by Roland Shön, they participated as performers in the creation of the dance show Metri, choreographed by Liisa Risu and presented at Helsinki in January 2005. In August 2005, they worked together with Circo Aereo, a Finnish circus company, and performed in the show Louisiana Circus, as part of the International Festival of Helsinki, and later at the Grande Halle de la Villette in Paris. In 2006, Victor & Kati left on a nine-month bigtop tour with the traditional Swiss circus Circus Monti. It was a major and happy experience.  .
In 2007, they created La Piste là, their first show, where the combination of other acrobats, live music and the circular shape of the tent proved to be a unique and unprecedented adventure that would indelibly shape their path. This show went ahead for more than 4 years and is still remaining in the mind of the captivated audience.
Happy to meet new people and to nourish their work with new experiences, Victor & Kati accepted to participate in a new creation of the Zimmermann & de Perrot company, Öper Öpis, in 2008.
The show was toured all over Europe and helped them discover new possibilities and other ways of working.
While touring with La piste là, Victor & Kati created the new show “Pour le meilleur et pour le pire”, a one-hour show where they were alone in the ring.
Facing this crazy and ambitious constriction, Victor & Kati investigated and tested: they faced duality in itself. Pour le meilleur et pour le pire picked up the thread of their circus life, their life as circus acrobats and itinerant lifestyle. The show was presented in November 2011 and has been extremely well received since then.
Continuously questioning themselves and endangering their discipline, Victor & Kati participated last winter (November 2012) in the new creation of the Finnish company The Race Horse Company named Cabaret Katatonia, which was presented in Helsinki at Cirko.
Filled with these experiences, always curious and keen to catalyse energy, our inventive Victor & Kati are now following the Cirque Aïtar´s path which, unpretentiously, takes them to new possibilities, unprecedented encounters and new experiences.